scrip      Fundraising While You Shop!


  • What?  SCRIP is an easy way to lower your tuition bill AND raise money for the school--ALL WHILE DOING YOUR NORMAL SHOPPING!
  • How?  When you shop (at Wal-Mart, Lowes, Applebees and dozens of others) and pay for your items or meal or movie with a SCRIP gift card and a percentage of your purchase goes to support the school or your tuition bill!
  • Who?  ANYONE!  Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, even if you don't have a child enrolled at St. Paul's and you want to help us raise money, you can use SCRIP.
  • Where?  There are many SCRIP cards available for purchase in the school office or there are many more available online--some of them you can download instantly.  Simply go to ; and use the enrollment code for St. Paul’s Lutheran School, LD2L518725598.

You can also help spread the word that it doesn't cost a penny more for you to use SCRIP, and you don't get any less for your dollar than you would if you didn't use SCRIP. Using it regularly can easily add up to hundreds of dollars for your or someone else’s family. By encouraging others to use SCRIP, you also have a great opportunity to share what St. Pual’s Lutheran Church and School is about. What a great witnessing opportunity!

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