St. Paul's Parent Teacher League (PTL)

St. Paul's Parent Teacher League is a great support to our school family.  Please join us for ALL our family fun activities!

The goals of the PTL are:

  • Promote fellowship and provide opportunities for parents to develop good relationships with all other parents and staff
  • Promote educational and spiritual growth for our children and one another
  • Recognize the achievements of the students and staff
  • Establish and implement the use of funds raised through various activities throughout the year


PTL Board for 2021-2022 School Year

Cody & Kristina Jess
Dave & Marcy Cartwright
Brian & Sarah Petersen
Russ & Megan Fuchs
Tyler & Beth Fickenscher


PTL Calendar of Events

Annual Events:

Pool Party: School families get together in July for an evening of fun at the Arlington Community Pool.

Back to School Sloppy Joe Dinner: School families are invited for a quick dinner and time of fellowship

     to kick off the school year

Fall Fun Festival: This is held each year at the end of October. Join us for a family meal before the

     festivities. Opportunity to serve:  Get your friends together and decorate a booth, donate candy,

     or help us serve the meal

Christmas Caroling: Join us in early December as we share the joy of Christmas with people around

     Arlington. You do not need a "solo quality" voice. Everyone can join in and sing!!

Annual PTL Soup Dinner:  Join us the last Sunday of January as we serve delicious soup and pie

     before a Voters Meeting, or take some home. Help out by donating ingredients or helping cook,    

     serve, set-up, or clean-up.

End-of-Year Picnic:  Join us during the last week of school as we celebrate another school year

     blessed by Jesus! Great food, fun games, and fellowship are guaranteed for all!

Other Opportunities to Serve:

Pray!  For our students, teachers, Board Members, Congregational leaders, parents, and everyone

else associated with our school. We also sell Eileen's cookie dough in November and host Sunday

morning fellowship with snacks before Sunday School and Bible class. If you have other ideas to

support our school, contact the office or the principal!

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